Do you work in comms? Spotify has a gift for you

Once again Spotify have done a cracking job at an end of year marketing campaign with their Christmas gift. And it’s special because it’s just for you.

The actual website is delightfully punchy and cool. That kind of dev work might be slightly out of our budget ranges, but what gripped me was the thought behind what they did and how they used their data. It’s something we can all learn from.

Spotify knows how to play with your emotions


The brains at Spotify have picked up on something clever psychologically – they know people listen to music based on emotion.

They know you were listening to that fat bass before your big night out on the town, and they know you were listening to that Brian Eno album last time you decided you were going to become a painter, that one time. My number 1 song of the year was a pretty depressing Radiohead number, due to my break-up with my boyfriend earlier in the year. (It was Reckoner for any of you die-hard Radiohead fans out there, Followed by Exit Music then No Surprises. Jeez, lighten up Becks would you?)

Listening to music makes us happy or sad. It’s therapeutic, it’s emotional – giving us a playlist of all this stuff brings back these memories. And what do we know about donations? People give because of emotion.

We should use Spotify’s method of bringing back those feelings for supporters. Send a your supporters an email with the total they’ve donated online over the year with a “thanks” and “here’s what your money has achieved”. If we’re clever about it with our tracking we can send emails with different imaging based on what campaign they last donated to.

Do you have marathon runners? How much do you want a bet they weren’t flooded with emotion in the lead up, during and after finishing that race? Most are doing it for someone special too. Bring back that sense of pride and achievement by helping them remember how it felt to cross the finish line.

Spotify knows how to stroke your ego

giphy (1)

Exactly like those Facebook year round-up videos, this is all about you. It’s making you feel special and important, for simply listening to music.

We too have the power to make supporters feel special.

Baranardos do this really well by sending me emails with how much money they’ve made from my donated clothes.

If you track volunteering hours, you can send your volunteers the number of hours they personally gave over the year. If you run a lot of political actions, look at the data you have on who’s done what. You could pull out the people who have taken more than one action over the year and email to tell them how much you value their support, along with the total number of actions they took.

Spotify knows what to get you for Christmas 

source (1)

This classic value-exchange got me wrapped around Spotify’s little finger (excuse the poor pun attempt, I should’ve stopped writing by now probably.)

It’s called wrapped, it’s 2 playlists in your account, for free, as a reward for being their customer. It’s the same reason kids love happy meals and adults buy graze boxes. They feel like presents.

We can give stuff back to our supporters too. Amnesty give free digital downloads to people who have signed a petition, which you can share on your social channels and use to look like a human rights champ.

Spotify knows you

What it comes down to is using data. We know a lot about our supporters, like Spotify knows a lot about our listening habits. How often do we really use that to make them supporters feel special? Probably not enough.

My New Years resolution is going to be thinking about how I can be smarter with our data to make supporters feel special. That, and listening to more Spotify of course.




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